At KWD AG, sustainability is a universal principle. As a family company, the well-being of our employees and the protection of our natural resources are a key concern for us.

Good working conditions and fair payment are a matter of course not only in Germany, but in all countries we are active in. We expect the same commitment from our business partners, too.

  • Everywhere in the world, we observe interationally recognized human rights and basic freedoms as defined in the principles held by UN Global Compact. With our actions, we make a contribution to protecting and promoting these principles
  • We prohibit any form of child or forced labor and do not tolerate any discrimination of persons due to their ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, political or union activities, or on the basis of age, gender, or disability.
  • We offer our employees a number of training and development opportunities.
  • For us, comprehensive risk prevention and health protection is a central concern.

Environmental protection plays an equally important role for us. We consider the efficient utilization of energy and the avoidance of unnecessary environmental impacts to be a key factor, including for economic efficiency. We use technological progress to continuously reduce emissions.